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What Are The Most Popular Cake Flavors In America?

the most popular cake flavors in america

What do you like the most popular cake flavors in america? If you can't decide on just one, you're not alone.

A recent survey asked 1,600 adults about their favorite cake flavors, and the results turned out to be quite surprising. 

Here are the top 10 flavors! For more information on the survey and the results, continue reading below.


According to a survey from Food Network, it's strawberry. It wasn't quite as popular with our panel of professional bakers and pastry chefs, who picked vanilla as their favorite flavor.

Vanilla's versatility is what gives it its edge: It goes with any type of cake and any kind of filling, says baker Lynne Rosetto Kasper.

Mixing in some chocolate chips can also turn vanilla into an elegant truffle-like treat. Or try going bold and making a strawberry cupcake,

Strawberry buttercream frosting (just add some frozen berries to your frosting) or topping your cake with red fruit slices for a beautiful pop of color

But if you want to get technical about it—and indulge your inner scientist—cake isn't even made up of strawberries.


Who doesn’t love chocolate cake, anyway? Chocolate cake is a classic for weddings and birthdays because it will please almost everyone. 

It also goes well with other flavors like vanilla, strawberry or white chocolate. Simply pair your chocolate cake with a rich flavored buttercream frosting to top it off. Keep in mind that not all chocolates are created equal.

While dark, bittersweet, semisweet and milk chocolates each offer their own depth of flavor to different types of cakes and cupcakes, 

Some chefs prefer using unsweetened cocoa powder in their recipes instead of these varieties when they want to impart an even stronger chocolate flavor into their desserts; just be sure not to overdo it since cocoa can be very bitter on its own if used in too large amounts.


It’s fitting that vanilla is a part of so many cakes and desserts, because Americans love it as an ice cream flavor, too.

Vanilla was actually derived from a tropical orchid flower native to Mexico and Central America! After European explorers discovered its taste, vanilla soon became wildly popular in many regions of Europe for various recipes.

Later on, Spanish colonists brought vanilla back to their home country where it continued to gain popularity; by 1791, vanilla had made its way over to Britain.

It wasn’t until much later that vanilla began appearing in cake recipes; however, once it did enter popular culture throughout Europe and in American kitchens, we haven’t looked back! Today, it remains one of our favorite flavors.

Red Velvet

When it comes to cake, red velvet is one of America’s favorite flavors.

 People love its rich, chocolate-y taste and traditional color. 

While there’s little difference between red velvet cake and regular chocolate cake in terms of calories, red velvet tends to be denser than other types of cakes.

For example, a slice of basic chocolate cake contains 291 calories whereas a slice of red velvet cake contains 404.

That’s a lot more sugar! To make sure you’re getting only quality ingredients, you should choose a   bakery that specializes in custom cakes instead of opting for an off-the-shelf option from your local   grocery store. 

A unique flavor like red velvet definitely deserves a customized dessert that can help make your party  or special event extra special!

Carrot Cake

 This is an all-time favorite for those who love their dessert with a little kick. It's especially delicious   with cream cheese frosting, which adds even more flavor to the classic carrot cake recipe.

 If you're making it for a special occasion, top it off with fresh fruit and nuts to make your cake stand   out.


It’s tart and refreshing, a great flavor for spring and summer. 

Lemon cake is also perfect for year-round holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

And if you love to bake, nothing can top a lemon cake from scratch. It’s light, bright and has a little bit of bite that makes it just sour enough to wake up your taste buds.

Key Lime Pie

While key lime pie didn’t start out as a national favorite, it is now one of most popular flavors. 

It is made with key limes, which are smaller than regular limes and have a very tart taste.

While regular limes can be used in its place, key lime pie simply doesn’t taste quite right without them. Key lime pie combines sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks with key lime juice to create an unforgettable taste. 

This dessert is great on its own but can also be served as an accompaniment to other desserts like ice cream or cheesecake. It also goes perfectly well with many other summer fruits such as cherries and strawberries; experiment with what tastes best for you!

Mocha Latte

For folks who can’t imagine a birthday without chocolate cake, Mocha Latte is just what you need. Mocha is an Italian version of caffè latte or café au lait.

It consists of espresso, steamed milk, and plenty of cocoa. 

There are two methods to making mochas; cold process and hot process. This involves either steaming hot milk or mixing heated chocolate with cold milk.

Hot-process mochas tend to be on the sweet side while cold-process tends to taste sharper because they are prepared at lower temperatures than typical hot beverages. 

Both result in a rich chocolaty beverage that can rival your best cup of coffee!

Pina Colada

Looking for a fun cake flavor to serve at your next party or get-together? If you’re planning an event on a warm sunny day, consider an ice cream cake.

Pina Colada is one of America’s favorite cake flavors. Coconut lovers across the country are using coconut rum extract in their favorite desserts to create refreshing treats like cocktails and cupcakes.

Today we look at one of our most popular Cake Flavor List entries: Pina Colada. While visiting Puerto Rico, Gilberto Aceves created what would become a national phenomenon—the tropical drink known as Piña Colada, named after two of its main ingredients: pineapple and coconut cream.

Other (specify)

Peppermint is a unique flavor that isn’t necessarily an everyday flavor. 

It’s a seasonal flavor, much like pumpkin spice or eggnog, and people tend to gravitate towards it during their favorite holidays. 

For example, peppermint mochas and peppermint chocolates are popular around Valentine’s Day; peppermint cupcakes pop up at Christmastime; and peppermint bark (chocolate with crushed candy canes) are enjoyed at Christmas.


There’s always a reason to have cake.

Whether it’s for a special birthday, an anniversary or simply because you feel like celebrating (or  comforting yourself after a breakup), cake has something for everyone. 

But what flavors are really most popular among Americans, and what does that say about our tastes? Here’s our infographic showing nine of America’s favorite cake flavors—along with seven surprising facts about them

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