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The 10 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

The-10-Most-Popular-Ice Cream-Flavors

When it comes to ice cream, everyone has their favorite flavor – or five favorites, or ten favorites! But what are the most popular ice cream flavors? We’ve compiled the top 10 flavors, counting down from number 10 to number 1. Let’s take a look at the chart to see how popular each of these ice cream flavors really are!


The vanilla bean is known as an aphrodisiac, which is a little-known fact that people have been using for a long time. 

The vanilla plant is also used to produce cocoa and chocolate. 

But how did vanilla become so incredibly famous in its own right? Its flavor works well with sweet, salty, spicy and bitter foods, plus it's less expensive than other spices like cinnamon or cloves.

It also pairs well with almonds, apples and mint — just to name a few. 

Vanilla has over 200 different components that come together in what we perceive as pure perfection. That many nuances can't be coincidence; they're something special indeed! 

Think of how you feel after eating your favorite type of food; do you ever describe it as vanilla in some way?


It would be difficult to find a person who doesn’t like chocolate. 

It’s one of humanity’s favorites and it is certainly difficult to go wrong when using chocolate in any recipe. 

Chocolate has a rich, chocolaty flavor that goes well with nuts, fruits and sweets alike. 

You can use dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips to make cookies or cake, or you can use cocoa powder in some of your recipes if you want to keep them raw. 

The best thing about dark chocolate (aside from its mouthwatering taste) is that it contains potent antioxidants that fight off free radicals in your body while delivering anti-inflammatory properties at the same time. Just make sure not to overdo it!


While its popularity has waned slightly in recent years, it’s still one of America’s favorite summer treats. 

Strawberry is actually one of the oldest known varieties; it was originally cultivated by Thomas Jefferson in 1771. Interestingly, when he first began growing them, they tasted very different from today’s strawberries. 

It wasn’t until a century later that modern-day strawberries were developed through hybridization.

For thousands of years before that, people had been enjoying strawberries as an addition to their diet or for medicinal purposes but never as a standalone dessert treat—it took modern technology to make that happen! 

Even after so many years and technological advances, though, strawberry has endured.


Without a doubt, Caramel is one of America’s favorite flavor. 

Flavored with brown sugar and vanilla, it's also quite a simple recipe to make at home. 

So why not take some time to whip up a batch? 

In less than an hour you'll have enough caramel sauce for dozens of sundaes. 

Plus, your friends and family will love you for it!

Cookies and cream

According to a 2017 Google Trends analysis, cookies and cream is one of the top five searches for ice cream and it ranked as number two for gelato. 

A real classic, cookies and cream has gone from being a novelty dessert at small grocery stores to a menu staple at larger ice cream shops across America. 

These days you can find cookies and cream in many different variations like Oreo cookie flavored gelato or mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt with crumbled Oreos mixed into it. 

While you can try your hand at making homemade cookies and cream, if you want a taste of what makes it so popular, just pick up any pint of premium store-bought vanilla bean flavor with cookie dough chunks mixed in.


A 2012 consumer survey by Mintel found that coffee is consumers' favorite ice cream flavor, followed by vanilla and chocolate. 

According to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams owner Jeni Britton Bauer, coffee is having a moment because it pairs well with other flavors. 

It's like having an amazing wine with your meal—it doesn't have to be at every course, she says. 

In her Salted Caramel ice cream, for example, she adds espresso powder for a strong burst of flavor that pairs perfectly with salted caramel and pecans. 

The same goes for pumpkin spice: Adding real pumpkin (instead of just pie spices) provides more authentic fall flavor without overpowering all your other ingredients.

Mint chocolate chip

Mint and chocolate are two different but complementary tastes that, when combined, make for a sinfully delicious treat. 

There's something truly magical about how mint chip balances sweet and cool, with a hint of classic milk chocolate. 

But where did it come from? While we can't pinpoint exactly who invented it first, one rumor points to DQ in their early days. 

Since then, mint chip has been crafted in so many ways that it's easily one of America's favorite summertime treats. 

The best part is: you can now find almost any flavor in an ice cream cone or cup! Here are some of our favorites...

Rocky road

You can’t say you love ice cream if you haven’t tried rocky road. 

It is one of America’s favorite treats that was made in Philadelphia at an old-fashioned soda fountain around 1875, though it has been claimed by many people as their own. 

But no matter whose recipe is actually used today, everyone agrees on two things—that rocky road is delicious and that it should have real chocolate chips in it! 

Ice cream fans have also developed a few variations on Rocky Road's chocolate and marshmallow combination. 

For example, some add nuts or butterscotch or fruit to make Rocky Road cake pops, brownies or cookies.

Mint chocolate chip hot fudge sundae

The combination of chocolate and mint is simple, but wonderfully delicious. 

This classic flavor was voted as America’s favorite in 2013 by Good Humor–the same year that Forbes reported Americans ate 20 billion pounds of ice cream annually. 

According to The Huffington Post, one bowl of hot fudge sundae contains a whopping 700 calories! 

If you’re trying to lose weight, remember that moderation is key—even when it comes to your favorite sweets.

Butter pecan

The butter pecan flavor was created in 1923 by Ted Drewes, a St. Louis, MO restauranteur. 

The new flavor proved so popular that people began requesting it in pints to take home. 

Soon other businesses followed and butter pecan quickly became one of America’s favorite flavors. Butter pecan is made from caramel-flavored ice cream with pieces of real butter-coated vanilla beans and chopped roasted cashews blended in. 

Some companies add brown sugar as well. This delicious mix can be found at thousands of restaurants across America!


Of course, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing an ice cream flavor; it’s all a matter of personal preference. 

However, it is still interesting to see which flavors are more popular than others. Overall, chocolate and vanilla (or butter pecan) seem to be in a league of their own. 

Let us know your favorite in the comments!

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