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3 Reasons Why You Need This Moist Blueberry Muffin Recipe with Buttermilk

If you love blueberry muffins and if you’re in the mood to make some today, then you’ll be thrilled with this delicious recipe! There are three big reasons why you should try this moist blueberry muffin recipe with buttermilk; the first reason being that they’re incredibly moist.

 The second reason is that they have plenty of fresh blueberries inside, which make them taste amazing, and the third reason is that they’re super easy to make! You don’t even need any baking experience at all, in fact this recipe has only 6 ingredients total!

They are delicious

Who doesn’t love a delicious muffin or two? These blueberry muffins are not only moist and buttery, but they are also bursting with juicy berries. 

The freshly grated nutmeg gives them a rich flavor that is nicely balanced by sweet vanilla extract. They will leave you coming back for more!

They are easy to make

The great thing about these moist blueberry muffins is that they’re super easy to make. The majority of ingredients can be found in any kitchen, and all you need are a few basic tools to get started.

 If you’re having trouble picturing it, imagine mixing everything up by hand and putting them in a muffin tin to bake. Easy as that!

They will surprise you with how moist they are

Most blueberry muffins are incredibly dry, but not these. By adding buttermilk and baking soda to make them extra moist, you’ll be blown away by how delicious they are.

 Just like their name says, these blueberry muffins will leave you wanting more! Even though they’re baked in a special pan that makes them

 look like cupcakes (you can find a similar pan here), these moist blueberry muffins taste incredible on their own without frosting or any other additions.

Try them today

1. They are delicious

2. They are moist 

3. They’re easy to make!

 Everyone loves a moist blueberry muffin recipe and they’re even better when they come from someone you trust, which is why I love sharing mine! 

The best thing about my moist blueberry muffins is that they’re so simple to make and yet there are so many ways to customize them if you want to add some fun twists: switch out some of your favorite nuts for a nutty twist, or drizzle some chocolate over each bite for a unique way to enjoy these yummy muffins. 

Get creative and have fun with it! So what do you say? Do you think we should give these moist blueberry muffins a try?

For the perfect breakfast

Here’s a moist blueberry muffin recipe that you need to try. It is unlike any muffin you’ve ever tried before because it is not dry and crumbly, but instead quite moist and soft. 

The secret? Buttermilk! With these 3 reasons why you need to try it today, I bet even your most picky family members will gobble them up in no time flat. 

The buttermilk does double duty—not only does it make for a tender muffin but also helps to keep them fresh for days after baking if stored properly. At just 200 calories per serving, they can be eaten as breakfast on-the-go or enjoyed at home with your morning coffee or tea. Enjoy!


What are your reasons for sharing a moist blueberry muffin recipe? Do you have a favorite variety of muffins? Would you rather eat donuts or pancakes for breakfast? Let us know in the comments!

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