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10 Butternut Squash Casserole Recipes for Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’ll have your hands full in the kitchen preparing a feast fit for all of your guests.

But don’t stress too much, this butternut squash casserole recipe collection will make Thanksgiving dinner planning much easier on you and your family members!

From classic butternut squash to pumpkin-flavored to even sweet potato versions, these recipes are sure to keep everyone happy as they gather around the table and give thanks for each other’s company and health.

1) A savory take on butternut squash

This butternut squash casserole is delicious and savory. You’ll get all of those autumn flavors you love about butternut squash — like pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar — without it being too sweet.

 I love pairing sweetness with savory dishes; it really opens up your flavor profile to a whole new level of complexity. This dish will easily become one of your family favorites. Enjoy!

2) Give your casserole an Asian flavor twist

There are plenty of ways to flavor butternut squash, so play around with different variations of your favorite ingredients. As one example, try adding rice vinegar and grated ginger to a savory butternut squash recipe for a new take on an old favorite. 

To give your casserole an Asian twist, you could add soy sauce and sesame oil to create a sweet-and-sour dish that tastes amazing with seafood or chicken.

 What about a more Italian vibe? Try stirring in some basil pesto and freshly grated Parmesan. These flavor additions will turn your old butternut squash casserole into something new and delicious that you can serve at your next potluck or holiday meal!

3) Another variation on classic flavors

For butternut squash fans, here are 10 recipes for casseroles that mix traditional holiday flavors with winter squash. You’ll have a few weeks to try them out before it’s time to put together your Thanksgiving menu.

 With these options and a little planning, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorites without worrying about losing weight! And, as an added bonus, most of these recipes can also be made ahead of time and reheated on big holiday day.

4) Get a crunch with this nutty dish

A great choice if you’re looking to change things up and skip a traditional holiday turkey. A blend of butternut squash, broccoli, scallions, cashews and Parmesan cheese topped with breadcrumbs results in a unique holiday dish that’s sure to please anyone at your table who may be missing their traditional meal.

 It can be served alongside your turkey or other main course dishes without taking away from them, so it’s an excellent choice when you don’t want to take anything away from all of your other great dishes! Great for vegetarians and meat lovers alike!

5) Upgrade the traditional stuffing with this delicious side dish

This butternut squash casserole recipe from Cooking Light is a more nutritious way to enjoy fall flavors. The roasted squash pairs well with earthy sage and sweet dried cranberries, plus it's perfect as a side dish or vegetarian main. 

Add in some chicken or turkey sausage if you want to take it in that direction. This recipe calls for Pecorino Romano cheese, 

Which adds great flavor and creaminess without adding any extra fat. It's worth picking up some extra if you're making a variety of dishes—or just go ahead and use whole-milk mozzarella instead, if you prefer!

6) Fall in love with these flavors

Butternut squash, sage and pancetta come together in a flavorful casserole that's perfect to serve at any holiday gathering. Pair it with a turkey and cranberry sauce as an entree, or serve it with breadsticks as a side dish.

 We love these easy butternut squash casserole recipes! If you're looking for more fall-inspired meals and desserts, check out our list of recipes here.

7) This creamy side dish tops many of our lists!

You can't have Thanksgiving without a side of butternut squash. After all, it's one of those dishes that people have been cooking up at holidays for as long as we can remember! 

The good news is that there are tons of different ways to prepare it. Here, we’ve got 10 tasty and easy recipes to add to your menu (and mix things up a bit). Enjoy!

8) The best part about this classic side dish? There are no leftovers.

Though pumpkin pie is traditionally thought of as a staple on Thanksgiving tables, many people choose to substitute it with other pies and desserts. 

While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes you just want your traditions to stick. One way to have your pie and eat it too? Try a butternut squash casserole recipe instead! 

This vegetable-heavy dish offers up great flavor and plenty of leftovers—making it an excellent alternative to traditional sweet-tooth staples. 

We’ve gathered 10 unique recipes that feature butternut squash as well as complementary flavors like cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and more! You’ll definitely want seconds of these falltime favorites.

9) Creamy, cheesy, and oh so good. Perfect as part of your holiday spread or as a simple weeknight meal.

Incorporate butternut squash casserole recipes into your menu with these savory dishes, from breakfast to dessert. Looking for a taste of autumn?

 Check out one of these 10 mouthwatering butternut squash casserole recipes for Thanksgiving—and beyond! Butternut squash is in season right now and is a great addition to any meal.

 Many people prepare it as a healthy side dish or add it to soups or stews, but did you know that it can also be part of an indulgent entrée?

 Make up some pumpkin puree in advance so that when you have extra time on your hands, you’ll be ready to whip up one of these amazing dishes.

10) You could bake it into cupcakes if you wanted to be extra creative (hint, hint!)

There are tons of great recipes out there, but I always fall back on good old fashioned comfort food. And, when it comes to comfort food, it doesn’t get much better than creamy and cheesy butternut squash casserole. 

This is my favorite way to enjoy butternut squash during the fall season: perfectly roasted chunks of tender squash smothered in a cheesy bechamel sauce and topped with crispy panko breadcrumbs (it’s a real thing!).

 The recipe is easy to make and requires minimal effort. Topped with some spicy crumbled bacon or vegetarian chorizo sausage crumbles, you can have dinner ready in under an hour!


It’s easy to think of casseroles as being little more than processed, packaged leftovers disguised in pseudo-homemade form. The truth is that many home cooks avoid casseroles because they're not confident enough in their culinary skills to build a casserole from scratch.

 Sure, they'll throw together some leftover meat and potatoes into an unattractive pile of brown mush, but what about a recipe with multiple layers of ingredients or one that requires sauteing before baking? If you're like me and want your signature dish to be more than an assemblage of odd parts thrown together haphazardly, then here are 10 recipes for butternut squash casseroles.

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