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Recipe: Perfect Ice cream Oreo cake

Ice cream Oreo cake. This Oreo Ice Cream Cake Makes For The Perfect No Bake Dessert During Warm Summer Months. My name is Jessica and making sweets is my passion! Today I made this cookies and cream ice cream cake.

Ice cream Oreo cake Begin by crushing the Oreos into a fine crumb. Should you remove the cream part of the Oreo? This Oreo Ice Cream Cake is perfect for summer birthdays and super easy to make with a cookies & cream crust with layers of vanilla & chocolate ice cream. You can cook Ice cream Oreo cake using 5 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ice cream Oreo cake

  1. It's 24 box of ice cream sandwiches.
  2. It's 1 pints of whipped cream.
  3. It's 1 1/2 cup of hot fudge ice cream topping.
  4. You need 1 1/2 cup of chocolate pudding.
  5. Prepare 3 cup of Oreo cookies crushed up.

This Oreo Ice Cream Cake is the perfect no bake summer birthday or celebration cake. And this ice cream cake is definitely worth making, no matter the weather. I stuffed it with as many Oreos as I could without literally putting a pile of Oreos on a plate. How to Make Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake.

Ice cream Oreo cake step by step

  1. Mix half fudge topping and chocolate pudding together. Get a ziplock bag n put Oreo's in there and crush them..
  2. Lay out 8 ice cream sandwiches side by side on a cake pan spreed chocolate stuff over the sandwiches put a second layer on top with a second spreed of chocolate then spreed the last layer of ice cream sandwiches spreed the last bit of chocolate mix on it put it in freezer for 10minutes. After 10minutes take it out if freezer in spreed whipped cream all over the top and sides then spreed crushed Oreo's all over the top and place it back into freezer over night. Then take out and enjoy..

You start with my usual suspects - two layers of brownie and my favorite. Spread the softened ice cream over the cookies. Then cover with the rest of the oreos. Put it in the freezer for probably at least two hours or until it gets firm. This Oreo ice cream cake is absolutely delicious and so easy to make!

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