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How to Cook Tasty Banana ice cream with pea protein

Banana ice cream with pea protein. Pickled mackerel with warm potato and radish salad. Peach and marzipan tarts with amaretto ice cream. You knew this post had to happen since I shared my banana ice cream.

Banana ice cream with pea protein Frozen bananas are the secret to this easy ice cream everyone will love! Just blend and you have creamy "nice" cream! What is this one magic ingredient that can be whipped into rich and silky ice cream, with no additional dairy, sweeteners, or ingredients needed whatsoever? You can have Banana ice cream with pea protein using 4 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Banana ice cream with pea protein

  1. It's 2 of frozen bananas.
  2. It's of enough water to blend (start with a small amount, like a few tbs).
  3. You need 1 scoop of pea protein.
  4. It's of Top with granola or dark chocolate chips.

Think chunky ice cream, runny ice cream, blender fatigue, and everything in between. We learned a lot in the process, which we've distilled At this point you have soft-serve texture banana ice cream. To get more of a scoopable ice cream texture, simply spread into a Tupperware or parchment-lined loaf. Extra chocolatey peanut butter banana ice cream - it's like eating a frozen peanut butter cup!

Banana ice cream with pea protein instructions

  1. Blend it.

Well, it's not really ice cream but I promise, the consistency is very similar to ice cream…creamy, sweet, cold and it's so good! You can even replace the peanut butter with cocoa powder and make chocolate banana ice cream. If you are craving ice cream and looking for a healthier alternative, this. This ultra creamy "nice cream" is made with frozen bananas, cocoa powder, all natural peanut butter, vanilla extract, almond extract, cinnamon, and It comes together in minutes and I promise you, is super thick and creamy. You're gonna LOVE this healthy chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream.

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